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with the narration and the puppet ”YONAGAHIME TO MIMIO”


Ticket:3,000yen,2,000yen(for college student),1,000yen(for under high school student)


@ Cultural Centre of Fujimi City / KIRARI ☆ FUJIMI


narrator :Sakamoto Nagatoshi
puppeteer: Kurotani Miyako
object performer: Tsukada Tsugumi

puppet maker & scenographer: Watanabe Kazunori
co.object maker: Matsuzawa Kayo

author: Sakaguchi Ango
director: Kurotani Miyako

art director of advertisement: Tahara Masateru, Kamiyama Takeharu
promotion video maker : Goshozono Shota




The narration leaded by the spirit of language, and the puppet come to life with puppeteer tell about the story of “this life and the after the life”.

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